In addition to the Conference and Community Expo, we host urban ag-themed workshops all year long. Just look for the “Stu-Approved Workshop” stamp!

What is a Stu-Approved Workshop?

If you see a workshop being offered in your community with the Stu-Approved Workshop stamp, that means we are either hosting or are involved in the event and Chicken Stu, our conference “spokes-chicken,” has given his stamp of approval! 

Who Should Come to these Workshops?

Typically, anyone with interest, depending upon the workshop’s topic, can attend, but topics can and do vary. Some may be more kid-friendly than others, whereas some could target agency workers. Some could target professional growers and others the backyard hobbyist. So keep your eye on our website and social media pages to learn more about upcoming events.

Upcoming Workshops

  • Feb. 20: Entrepreneurial Farming and Food Manufacturing Workshop – 6:00 p.m. at Charleston’s Schoenbaum Center. Free to attend. Hosted by West Virginia State University Extension Service. More details here.