Meet Chicken Stu, the official spokes-chicken of the West Virginia Urban Agriculture Conference.

Chicken Stu is a real citified bird. In his first year as official spokes-chicken of the conference, Stu took to to social media to tweet (or, rather, cluck) his journey from the farm to the city. He toured Charleston, visited with our conference partners, and even starred in his own film, Stu: The Movie. He loved urban farming so much, he decided to stay in Charleston and become a full-fledged city chicken! Chicken Stu has gotten himself into all kinds of exciting adventures over the years of the WV Urban Ag Conference, so much so that for 2018, he set his sights on Hollywood! Stu is “starring” in a series of films based on the fifth movie in a variety of popular film franchises. Check out the posters and trailers below, and follow Chicken Stu on Twitter to keep up with his latest antics. 

Please Note: These materials were created prior to our venue and date change and reflect the old information.