Meet Chicken Stu, the official spokes-chicken of the West Virginia Urban Agriculture Conference.

StuChicken Stu is a real citified bird. Just look at that skinny tie! In his first year as official spokes-chicken of the conference, Stu took to to social media to tweet (or, rather, cluck) his journey from the farm to the city. He toured Charleston, visited with our conference partners, and even starred in his own film, Stu: The Movie. He loved urban farming so much, he decided to stay in Charleston and become a full-fledged city chicken!

In his second year, Stu landed himself in a bit of hot water. His love of farm-fresh veggies had created an insatiable appetite, and Stu had allegedly been helping himself to the crops at urban farm sites all over town!

Star reporter Atish Baidya with WMOO news followed the story from accusation through arrest and finally trial

Last year, Stu was ready to party! With a fun, festival-type vibe, this chicken was eager to get funky.

Now, in his fourth year, Stu is starting to miss his time on the farm. He is incredibly excited to go to Camp Virgil Tate for a weekend getaway and to get back to nature.


In the meantime, follow Chicken Stu on Twitter and Instagram.

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