A New Approach…

Formerly the annual West Virginia Urban Agriculture Conference, our event is returning for 2019 with a slightly different approach. Hosted exclusively by West Virginia State University Extension Service, the two-day conference is broadening its scope to include not only the educational opportunities we’re known for, but we’re incorporating a broader community appeal — all at NO COST to attendees! 

On Friday, we’ll gear content more toward agricultural agency folks, while Saturday will target the more backyard and hobby gardeners looking to hone their skills and learn new ones. Additional details will be announced in early 2019.

What is Urban Agriculture?

Well, let’s start with a “techy” definition. Think of it as growing food in small spaces for communities across West Virginia. From the rural homestead to the city neighborhood, innovative and scaled production systems deliver self-sufficiency, food security and sustainability.

Okay. But, wait. Who can practice urban agriculture?

In a word: anybody. Maybe you’re a farmer looking at small-scale crop production to sell at market. Or maybe you’re an apartment dweller interested in growing some herbs on your patio. Or maybe you’re a homeowner with a small backyard and an interest in learning how to garden creatively.

With the West Virginia Urban Agriculture Conference & Community Expo, there will be plenty to learn no matter your skill level or interest. On Friday, we’ll have information geared primarily toward professional growers and producers. On Saturday, offerings will lean more toward the at-home, backyard hobby gardener.

Our Mission

To enhance sustainable food systems, cultural diversity and environmental stewardship in support of healthy lifestyles and economic security for West Virginia residents through education, technical assistance, public and private partnerships and community engagement.

Our Vision

Crafting West Virginia’s future: a tapestry of science, technology and culture.